In 1972-73 Hasagawa (Hasagawa/Minicraft in the US) was to produce this excellent 1/72 scale kit (JS-082). This kit was molded in blue plastic and included decals for a rather generic VP bird, an Aeronavale 25F aircraft and a JMSDF VX-51 aircraft. Box art was different for the Import and Domestic Kits (Japanese) however the kit number remained unchanged (JS-082:900)
Frog (International Model Aircraft UK) Kit #F284. Decals for Royal Australian Air Force and Dutch Navy (MLD). Apparently a rare Kit, with only 15,000 reportedly made in 1973. Any additional information regarding this kit would be very welcome.
In the early eighties, the box art depicted photographs of the actual model (1082). This version included decals for making a VC-5 DP-2E aircraft Buaer 128342! (So much for authenticity!) The kit was molded in grey plastic.
This image is an example of the current box art (K6). The kit was also molded in gray plastic and included markings for both a VP-1 aircraft and a JMSDF 4th Kokutai (VP-4) aircraft.
Hasagawa re-released the older K6 kit in April 2000 as a limited edition kit with new French Navy markings. The excellent decal sheet provides markings for a 25F aircraft as well as a separate painting guide for the French Neptunes.
Yet another Hasagawa re-release, this November 2000 kit of the Kawasaki P2V-7VSA (Variable Stability Aircraft) Neptune. The kit features 5 new resin pieces to modify the standard Neptune model into this unique version used by the JMSDF VX-51.
Like the earlier Frog Kit #F284, Revell of Germany rebranded the Hasagawa moldings and released it as a new kit in July 2001 (#04628). While the kit is unchanged, Revell of Germany has included new box art, new instruction sheet and an excellent set of decals for either a USN VP-21 Neptune or markings for an MLD Neptune.
Once again Hasagawa has re-released the Neptune. This September 2001 includes decals for a Royal Canadian Air Force Neptune.
1/72 Scale Conversion and Detailing Kits
Falcon Triple conversions out of New Zealand produced a vacuform conversion to modify the Hasagawa SP-2H into a P2V-5F (FV025).  The kit included a new nose, tail turret and the larger tip tanks of the pre 131401 BuAers.  Falcon also produced a conversion for an AP-2H gunship (FV022). (Not pictured)
Falcon Clear Vax set No.4 USN Post WW2 (Part One). This was a set of vacu-formed replacement canopies for several post war USN aircraft kits including the Hasagawa P2V Kit. Included was a new Cockpit canopy, bow station and deck turret.
Eduard Model Accessories produces an extensive line of photo etched detailing kits for the discerning modeller. Currently there are 2 detail sets for the Hasegawa/Revell 1/72 Neptune. One set (72-364) includes parts to detail the wheel wells, cockpit and nose station. The second set (72-365) contails the parts to do an incredibly detailed weapons bay. Both photo-etched sets can be ordered from your local hobby shop or you can order direct from Eduard Model Accessories.