BuAer 140971
P2V-7S, Buaer 140971 of VP-1, NAS Whidbey Island.

BuAer 143173
SP-2H, Buaer 143173 of VP-30, 09/66.

BuAer 144682
P2V-7S, 144682 of VP-19, NAS Alameda, 09/62.

BuAer 145915
SP-2H of the Indiana Museum of Military History on final. This aircraft was later sold to Black Hills Aviation (Which was later to become Neptune Inc.)


AP-2H Neptune Gunships of VAH-21
LP-2J Ski Birds of VX-6
RB-69A and P2V-7U ELINT Neptunes
"In the Shade of the Wing"
Ron Wheeler VP-23 1955-1958